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Professional Counselling
& Psychotherapy


Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy

We offer a professional service with over 10 years of practice experience, our counselling rooms are purpose designed to provide our clients a warm and comfortable environment.

Our Counsellors & Psychotherapist 

offer a safe and private environment for people to share their concerns. They can help clarify your goals and consider options for change and equip you to resolve conflict and emotional issues, manage communication difficulties, and develop strong, healthy relationships. 

Our counsellors are members of professional bodies and are bound by a professional code of ethics, participate in ongoing, professional development and regular clinical supervision to maintain a standard of excellence.


provides an opportunity for you to talk with a trained counsellor to identify, understand and gain new perspectives on issues you are concerned about. 

Counselling helps people resolve crises, reduce distress, develop goals for change and improve their wellbeing. Counselling also assists with problem solving and developing inner resources to move on with life in meaningful ways.


focuses to a greater extent on achieving change in the personality or self. Often people notice that the nature of their personal difficulties is repetitive. Similar issues arise time and again in different contexts and relationships.


Psychotherapy helps people achieve better self-understanding and change long-standing patterns of behaviour that may be disrupting relationships, work and study.

Supervision is the process whereby a counsellor can speak to someone who is trained to identify any behavioural and/or psychological changes in the counsellor that could be due to an inability to cope with issues of one or more clients. A supervisor is also responsible for challenging practices and informing supervisees of alternative theories and/or new practices, as well as changes in the industry. The supervisor is responsible for observing the mental health of their supervisee. Counsellors can face issues such as transference and burn out without any recognition of the symptoms. 

Supervision is: A formal arrangement for counsellors to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in counselling and supervision. The task is to work together to ensure and develop the efficiency of the counsellor/client relationship. Professional supervision is a process to maintain adequate standards of counselling and a method of consultancy to widen the horizons of an experienced practitioner.

Counselling exposes counsellors to situations that impose a great demand on practitioners emotional and professional well-being. Supervisors will also help counsellors relate practice to theory and visa versa. Supervisors are most likely to identify potential mental health issues in the Supervisee before they become a problem.

Professional Supervision is a contractual agreement made between a Supervisor and a Supervisee. 


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